100 Ideas for the First 100 Days: America’s Allies, the State Department, and North Korea

Welcome to the second installment of The Burn Bag Podcast’s special collaboration with The Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Security and Strategywhere we highlight contributions to the Scowcroft Center’s “100 Ideas for the First 100 Days” project. The second episode in the series delves into three big ideas with Dr. Harlan Ullman, Evan Cooper, and Markus Garlauskas. First, Dr. Ullman speaks on why we need to upgrade American alliances, in order to address the unexpected and large scale security threats facing the U.S., that include pandemics, climate change, cyber-issues, and more. The second idea, by Evan Cooper, goes into why expanding and strengthening the State Department is crucial to addressing the country’s biggest foreign policy and security challenges, at this moment. The third and last idea digs into how the Biden Administration can pro-actively delay, prevent, or limit North Korean missile testing — Markus Garlauskas details how exactly this can happen. 

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