Brokering Peace: Egypt’s Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict with former Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy


In this special episode, A’ndre and Ryan speak with Nabil Fahmy,  Founding Dean of the American University in Cairo’s School of Global Affairs and Public Policy and former Egyptian Foreign Minister. Dean Fahmy shares his perspective on the recent Gaza War and Egypt’s historical role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Dean Fahmy digs into Egypt’s relationship with Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas, while giving his prognosis on the path ahead in the more than seventy year conflict. He also discusses Egypt’s unique geopolitical position as an African and Asian power, and how this informs its foreign policy and relationship with regional and international actors, such as the United States. The conversation concludes with a discussion on Egypt’s future and how the younger generation can bring positive change.

Link to the episode on other podcast platforms:

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